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Oct 16 '14

‘What’s local government for, and what do we want from it?’


That question was posed during last night’s Wales Report on the BBC, which featured an interview with the Minister for Public Services, Leighton Andrews AM.

The show aired a piece on what the post-Williams plans for merger of local authorities could mean, speaking to councils – such as Blaenau Gwent and Torfaen, who are interested in merging – as well as local communities, experts, and projects that have been rescued from funding cuts by community intervention, like Swansea Tennis Centre – now run by the community and bringing in around three times the income it did previously.

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Oct 15 '14

Welsh philanthropists: ten of the best (part one)

Think Wales doesn’t have a background of philanthropy? Think again.

In the first of this multi-part blog, the Catalyst Cymru-Heritage Fundraising team look at some of Wales’ most famous philanthropists, celebrating the achievements and difference people both historical and modern day have made to Wales and beyond through their generosity.

First up we’ve got a woman who helped transform literacy in Wales and, to stir up a bit of debate, we’ve included a North Walian-American rough diamond for good measure. You’ll also find included a few tips on how they might inspire you onto your own fundraising successes.


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Oct 15 '14

Dyngarwyr Cymru: deg o’r gorau (rhan un)

Yn meddwl nad oed gan Gymru gefndir dyngarol? Meddyliwch eto.

Yn y rhan gyntaf o’r blog amlran hwn, mae criw Catalydd Cymru – Codi Arian ar gyfer Treftadaeth yn edrych ar rai o ddyngarwyr mwyaf adnabyddus Cymru, gan ddathlu’r llwyddiannau a’r gwahaniaeth y mae pobl, yn y gorffennol a’r presennol, wedi’u gwneud yng Nghymru a’r tu hwnt drwy eu haelioni.

Yn gyntaf mae gennym wraig a helpodd i weddnewid llythrennedd yng Nghymru ac, i ysgogi ychydig o ddadl, rydym wedi cynnwys Cymro-Americanaidd ag enw amheus braidd ar y rhestr hefyd. Fe welwch hefyd ambell i awgrym ar ffyrdd y gallent eich ysbrydoli chi at eich llwyddiannau eich hun wrth godi arian.


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Oct 3 '14

Child and Family Poverty in Wales

Research published by Children in Wales this summer shows that stark reality that the current economic climate is having on families with children in Wales. Catriona Williams OBE, Chief Executive of Children in Wales writes about their report.

Our report, Child and family poverty in Wales: A snapshot of key issues raised by families is the result of research which pulled together poverty related concerns raised by families directly with MPs, AMs and Citizens Advice Bureaux across Wales. 

The findings paint a bleak picture with reported increases in debt and the use of food banks, and problems associated with housing and the rising costs of living.

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Sep 30 '14

VAT changes to digital services – what will they mean for you?

Fundamental changes to the VAT accounting treatment for suppliers of Digital Services (broadcasting, telecommunications and wider e-services) will come into effect from next year and will impact UK businesses making such supplies to private individuals (‘consumers’) across the EU. What do you need to know, asks Andrew Norris of Centurion VAT Specialists.

Online trading is an area of huge growth potential, whether we are talking about entrepreneurs creating innovative apps, the education sector delivering courses over the internet, or auctioneers trading online. 

System changes can and do take time to evaluate and implement so, with only four months until they come into force, businesses need to review the impact they could have and double check the actions that they need to take.

Here is some of the key information businesses need to consider when looking at these changes and how they will impact on them when they come into force on 1 January, 2015.

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Sep 24 '14

Outcomes and impact – stand out from the crowd

Harriet Pearce Willis, Consultant & Trainer for the Charities Evaluation Service, will be hosting a workshop at our Wales Third Sector Funding Conference on 2 October – Making a better ask for funding. Harriet’s workshop will focus on outcomes and impact. In this blog she tells us about the importance of evidencing the difference your work makes.

In a competitive funding environment, being able to demonstrate the difference you make is a ‘must do’ for third sector organisations. Evidencing your outcomes and impact can help you stand out from the crowd – and, importantly, can help you plan how to become even more effective at what you do.

But knowing where to start can be tricky – and developing an approach to data collection that fits around a busy workload even trickier.

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Sep 1 '14

Making European funding more accessible


Judith Stone, WCVA European Brokerage and Partnerships Coordinator, will be hosting a workshop at our Wales Third Sector Funding Conference in Llandudno on 2 October on EU funding opportunities for the third sector. In this blog, she tells us that European funding issues aren’t as complicated as you might think…

‘Your presentation was terrific, hit all the right markers and kept everyone interested – you’ve got a rare gift of articulating what might be seen as complex issues in a very clear and accessible way.’ 

This was a comment I received following a recent briefing session, designed to demystify European Structural Funds for an audience of the uninitiated.

See, it’s not as complex as it seems! Or is it?

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Sep 1 '14

Gwneud cyllid Ewropeaidd yn fwy hygyrch

Bydd Judith Stone, Cydlyndd Busnes a Phartneriaethau Ewropeaidd WCVA, yn cynnal gweithdy yng Nghynhadledd Gyllido Trydydd Sector Cymru yn Llandudno ar 2 Hydref ar gyfleoedd i’r trydydd sector fanteisio ar gyllid Ewropeaidd. Yn y blog hwn, mae hi’n dweud wrthym nad yw materion cyllid Ewropeaidd mor gymhleth ag yr ydych yn ei feddwl…

‘Roedd eich cyflwyniad yn ardderchog, gan daro’r nodau cywir a chadw diddordeb pawb – mae gennych ddawn brin o fynegi rhywbeth a allai fod yn gymhleth mewn modd clir a hygyrch iawn.’ 

Dyma sylw a gefais ar ôl sesiwn wybodaeth ddiweddar, a oedd yn ceisio taflu goleuni ar Gronfeydd Strwythurol Ewropeaidd i gynulleidfa a oedd yn anghyfarwydd â nhw.

Chi’nweld, dyw e’ ddim mor gymhleth ag y mae’n ei ymddangos! Ta ydio?

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Aug 29 '14

Heritage on the road: Inspiring Cardigan

Catalyst Cymru-Heritage Fundraising is our project to help heritage organisations develop their fundraising skills and success. To help communicate what the project is all about, we took the project around Wales in a series of roadshows. In our second blog, Richard Roberts, Catalyst Cymru-Heritage Fundraising Project Officer, looks back at the roadshow that took place at Cardigan’s Welsh Wildlife Centre

Here the Catalyst Cymru-Heritage Fundraising team take a quick look back at the highlights from our second roadshow, where a small but very select group of people from Wales’s heritage organisations ventured out to beautiful surroundings of the Welsh Wildlife Centre, Cardigan to find out more about the Catalyst Cymru-heritage fundraising project.

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Aug 29 '14

Treftadaeth ar daith: Ysbrydoli Aberteifi


Catalydd Cymru-Codi Arian ar gyfer Treftadaeth yw ein prosiect i helpu mudiadau treftadaeth i ddatblygu eu sgiliau a’u llwyddiant wrth godi arian. I helpu i egluro’r prosiect, aethom â’r prosiect ar daith o amgylch Cymru mewn cyfres o sioeau teithiol. Yn ein hail flog, mae Richard Roberts, Swyddog Prosiect Catalydd Cymru-Codi Arian ar gyfer Treftadaeth, yn edrych yn ôl ar y sioe deithiol a gynhaliwyd yng Nghanolfan Natur Cymru, Aberteifi.

Yma mae criw Catalydd Cymru-Codi Arian ar gyfer Treftadaeth yn cymryd golwg sydyn yn ôl ar yr uchafbwyntiau o’n hail sioe deithiol, lle daeth grŵp bach ond dethol iawn o bobl o fudiadau treftadaeth Cymru i gyffiniau bendigedig Canolfan Natur Cymru, Aberteifi i gael gwybod mwy am brosiect Catalydd Cymru-Codi Arian ar gyfer Treftadaeth.

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